Greetings for the New Academic Year of 2012-2013!

The year brings about interesting kaleidoscope of significant changes in political, economic, social and educational sectors. At such an important juncture, we as a stakeholder of Higher Education should respond positively to the changing scenario and act accordingly so as to bring about desirable results in the academic set-up of our State. Let us take an overview of the previous Academic Year. 

The academic year of 2011-12 has been a remarkable year in the sense that the Choice Based Credit System was implemented for undergraduate institutions. This is going to have profound impact on our education system as a whole in the times to come. The implementation of new system has also changed the way we look at education and the way we used to practice teaching and learning for last several decades. The year has been hectic in the sense that the 1st Year Students follow the new system, whereas the 2nd and 3rd Year Students still follow the traditional one. As a result of this, there has been lot of adjustments on academic as well as administrative levels. Though there are challenges, we must march ahead to achieve our goals by the time we complete one full-length cycle of the Choice based Credit System.

As per the academic guidelines of the UGC and the State Government, we have adequately incorporated ICT in teaching and learning. Apart from that, we have also conducted co-curricular activities round the year so as to provide wider academic exposure to our students. This year we organised ‘Study Tour’ for the Second and Third Year students to Amul Dairy and Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), Anand to provide them practical experience and knowledge of Cooperative Movement and advanced study in Rural Management. For the First Year students, we arranged Tour for Environment Study to the ‘Polo Forest’ of Vijaynagar, as these students learn Environment Science as a Foundation Course under the newly introduced Choice based Credit System.  

We express sincere gratitude to our Managing Trustee Shri Sudhirbhai Nanavati for his guidance and motivation. We heartily thank our Trustee Shri Devangbhai Nanavati for providing innovative leadership to our institute. We would also like to thank our Registrar Shri Dilipbhai Desai for his support and cooperation for academic and administrative management of the college.

We extend our best wishes to the students seeking admission at 1st Semester B.Com Programme as well as those who are progressing to the 3rd Semester and T.Y.B.Com.



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